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That's me

It begins with me as a kid holding my Mum's old Box Brownie and watching the upside down image of the TV through it's little frosted window.

That Box Brownie was so magical to me back then, just like the modern day equivalent is to me now. It is a love affair that I know will last my whole life.

I live in Devonport on the North Shore of Auckland and I absolutely love it here. I feel so fortunate to have landed in this little slice of paradise; 18,000 Kilometers away from where I was born. I've lived in New Zealand for a while with my husband Steve and our loyal dog; Tes. It still amazes me that I live near volcanic cones. The closest I came to a volcanic cone in my home town was the local colliery in Wales. But you know, somehow its just not the same!


I started my photography business at the end of 2018 and since then, I've been helping small to medium businesses with images for social media and websites. I've also been an event and portrait photographer for a number of clients too and that side of my business is growing steadily. It's been so much fun and a steep learning curve managing a new business while trying to promote my services. 

Before starting my photography business, I was a Project Manager for New Zealand Defence Force so you could say I'm used to confidentiality and those tight deadlines. I like to operate with imagination, individuality and impact. I'm responsive and kind and I take pride in my integrity and passion. I'm easy going too and I enjoy meeting people and sharing the lighter side of life. I think that comes through in my personality. I love looking through the lens and capturing images that inspire and provoke. And it all started with that little Box Brownie! 

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